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Full Service Federal Government Relations


TG&A provides government relations services to public and private agencies and companies. From start ups to Fortune 500 companies, to public agencies of all sizes, we are adept at helping you navigate the complex federal process. In particular, TG&A specializes in the transportation and infrastructure sector. 

Regulatory Affairs

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TG&A is proficient in helping clients manage federal regulations. From traditional regulatory issues concerning rail, highway, transit, and aviation matters to forging new paths that allow for innovative transportation technologies to emerge, we work with a diverse set of clients and issues. In particular, TG&A is one of the only firms experienced in regulatory processes for autonomous vehicles and shuttles.  

Business Development

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TG&A helps a variety of companies in a number of industries with value-added business development services. We can help provide strategic advice to bolster your bottom line so that we grow together. From startups to Fortune 500s, TG&A can help add value that provides real ROI to your bottom line. 

Grants Consulting


TG&A has a successful track record of acquiring federal discretionary grant funding, congressionally-designated discretationary funding, and statutory formula programs on behalf of cients. TG&A is an efficient specialized firm with broad application potential and experience with many different grant programs. 

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