Our Services

We offer a comprehensive set of services to provide you with the insights and policy guidance needed to succeed in Washington.

full service federal government relations

TG&A provides government relations services to public agencies, units of local government and private companies. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, to public agencies of all sizes, we are adept at helping you navigate the complex federal process. We maintain a strong subject matter expertise in infrastructure, transportation, natural resources and federal budgeting issues.

regulatory affairs

We help clients manage the federal regulatory process and provide real-time insights to prepare you for potential regulatory impacts. From regulatory issues concerning transportation and natural resource matters to forging new paths that allow for innovative technologies and products to emerge, we have effectively managed a diverse set clients and issues before regulators. TG&A is one of the only firms experienced in regulatory processes for autonomous vehicles and shuttles.

Business development

TG&A provides a variety of companies in several industries with value-added business development services. We can help provide strategic advice to bolster your bottom line so that we grow together and utilize our strong federal network to help open doors to position your products.

GRANts & Capital planning consulting

TG&A has a successful track record of acquiring federal discretionary grant funding, congressionally designated spending, and statutory formula programs on behalf of our clients. Over the last three fiscal years, our clients have secured at least one nationally competitive U.S. Department of Transportation National Infrastructure Investment grant (RAISE/BUILD/TIGER) award, which funds multi-modal transportation projects of national and regional significance. The passage of the historic $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act created an unprecedented opportunity to access federal funding. We work closely with capital planning teams at both public agencies and private companies to strategically identify federal funding opportunities and align appropriate capital projects for success. TG&A is an efficient, specialized firm with broad application potential and experience with many different grant programs and successful applications.

Government Reporting and Transportation Journal Subscription

We provide public agency clients comprehensive federal affairs reports to provide local and state officials and members of the public real-time, actionable intelligence regarding regulations, funding opportunities, and policy changes. We are also pleased to offer these reports to private companies and non-clients on a subscription basis.

Communications and Public Affairs

TG&A assists non-profits, political campaigns, and public agencies in crafting strategic messaging campaigns that resonate in a competitive media landscape. We offer support to clients in developing press releases, social media campaigns, and ensuring their message is covered by appropriate press outlets. We have successfully utilized strategic messaging campaigns to build support for legislative initiatives and policy outcomes in Washington.

Work with Us

We are a specialized and nimble advocacy firm with deep expertise in government funding, with a focus on transportation infrastructure and natural resource issues. We look forward to hearing from you.